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Mandurah's Pride in Peel to host 'Vote Yes' party

People in Mandurah and the surrounding region embracing the LGBTIQ community are in for a treat when Pride in Peel host a “Vote Yes” party on October 28.

The occasion will be the Mandurah-based organisation’s second annual event of this scale, with last year’s Hollywood Extravaganza the first of its kind in the Peel region.

Radio personality Nikki Parkinson will host the event, with special guest Minister for Culture and the Arts David Templeman.

Event organiser Stephan Carter said they were anticipating a large crowd at this year’s event.

“I think we had a hundred people last year,” he said.

“On social media it's done really well. It's getting a great reaction so far. So that's great.”

Spectators will be entertained throughout the night, with a drag show from feature guests Feminez, Ruby Jewelz and Fay Rocious.

The theme runs in line with the national campaign, which aims to win marriage equality for LGBTIQ Australians.

"We were actually looking to put it on in late November,” he said.

“We thought ‘why do that when we can move it forward and pull it in with this [the yes campaign]?’ and create a bit of buzz down here... cause there isn't anyone campaigning down here for the yes vote.

“That's why we pulled it forward.

“There's no one down here doing anything. That's the sad part.

“I get concerned for the youth down here or the people that are struggling with their sexuality that... they're fearing this no vote and this campaign.

“They may be struggling and then they just don't say anything… or they say something and they get abused.

“It's hurting them inside and their actually just not saying anything or speaking up to their parents. That kind of affects me.”

The event will be held at Sunbreakers Restaurant from 7pm until late.

Sunbreakers Restaurant manager Gayle Iannetta said she was proud to hold the event at her establishment for the second year in a row.

“Last year we put it on and it was a big success,” she said.

“The reason I did it in the first place is Stephen approached me last year and asked me would I be interested… and I said yes. I've got a lot of gay friends.

“I have nothing against gay people at all, I employ gay people, they work just as hard as anyone else and they're employable just like anyone else. I don’t believe that there should be any segregation.”

Mr Carter urged community members, gay, straight or other, to book ahead of the event.

He said it was important to show support for family or friends during the sex marriage postal survey.

“It doesn't matter if you're gay or lesbian or fit into that category. It's not really about categories. It's just about coming together and embracing each other.

Mr Carter said the event, in its second year, was building its profile.

"We're just growing it. We eventually want to make it a whole weekend... and then eventually have the street thing hopefully,” he said.

"I'd love to have a bar in Mandurah that does it once a month.

“It's just about educating people that… if you're not gay you're still going to wake up tomorrow and be the same person, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and go to work. Nothing's going to change for you.”

Attendees will also be treated to a set by local DJ Tim James.

James is managing director of You DJ Now and You Snap Now. His company is also one of the major sponsors of the event.

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