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“We need your support:” Pride in Peel on the brink of closing due to staff shortages

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Mandurah’s only support group for the LGBTQIA+ community is under threat, with locals urged to consider becoming board members to keep Pride in Peel going.

Pride in Peel hosts a number of inclusive events including an annual Rainbow Cruise in Mandurah Credit: Facebook

In an impassioned post to their Facebook page, Pride in Peel (PiP) said they were facing staff shortages

“Unfortunately some of our board have had to leave or take on less tasks, leaving us with not enough hands on deck to keep it running,” they said. “However if we don’t get enough interest, we may have to look at closing, which will be heartbreaking.”

Running informally for several years before being incorporated in 2020, Pride in Peel became the first club of its nature in the Peel region, aiming to bring the LGBTQIA+ community together, provide resources and opportunities, and promote the broader message of diversity and acceptance within the area.

Founder and president of Pride in Peel, Stephen Carter.

Founder and president of Pride in Peel, Stephen Carter. Credit: Facebook

Since then, Pride in Peel has hosted a number of events, including regular coffee catch-ups, rainbow cruises, drag queen bottomless brunches, op shop balls and local family fun days.

According to research from Monash University, queer young people are 21 per cent less likely to feel like they belong at their educational institution than cisgender/heterosexual young people, and 1.4 times more likely to rate their mental health as poor or very poor.

Founder and president of Pride in Peel Stephen Carter said it would be a huge blow to the local queer community if they were forced to close.

“It is critical to have a voice in the community which co-ordinates the dissemination of information and highlights issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community,” he said.

“Without PiP, there would not be a local body that works to promote inclusion and engagement of queer people in the region.

“PiP membership is available to all members of the community, regardless of sexual or gender orientation.”

Positions available include vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary, which are all voluntary positions.

Mr Carter said there had so far been an “encouraging” response to their Facebook post, with a number of locals reaching out and wanting to be more involved.

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